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In the UK, the bright green shield bugs appear in May, having hibernated as imagos during the winter. They fatten for a month and then mate in June. The imago’s colouration changes over the summer months from green to greenish browns even bronze, after which the life cycle will end. Mating is back-to-back. The female lays her eggs in hexagonal batches of 25 to 30, and a single female will lay three… Read More

Crane flies are found worldwide, though individual species usually have limited ranges. They are most diverse in the tropics, and are also common in northern latitudes and high elevations.

The speckled bush-cricket is quite a common species, but its colouring and secretive lifestyle, hidden away in the undergrowth, mean that it often passes unnoticed.

Weevils are any of a superfamily (Curculionoidea) of beetles which have the head prolonged into a more or less distinct snout and which include many that are destructive especially as larvae to nuts, fruit, and grain or to living plants; especially : any of a family (Curculionidae) having a well-developed snout curved downward with the jaws at the tip and clubbed usually elbowed antennae.  

The two new calves had their ears tagged on Tuesday; one of them hid from me for a couple of days, I found it sleeping in dense thistles yesterday. The other calf wasn’t too happy about having its ears pierced either; it darted away terrified whenever it saw me afterwards. Both calves found the ear tagging process a bit traumatic. This evening, though, both have settled down and are back on form…. Read More

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