Hedge Woundwort (Stachys sylvatica)

The whole herb is styptic and its main use was to stem the flow of blood. The plant also yields a yellow dye. The stem produces a strong fibre.

Hedge woundwort is a food plants used by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species, including the moths Coleophora auricella, C. lineolea, and C. wockeella. It is also widely used by the European wool carder bee (Anthidium manicatum), which scrape the hairs from the plant in order to use them for nest building.[

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4 Responses to Hedge Woundwort (Stachys sylvatica)

  1. Anne says:

    More interesting information!


  2. David says:

    The plant is so straight and symmetrical. Is that typical for hedge woundwort?

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  3. A plant with a well-rounded resume, and also pretty!


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