The Hot Spoon Works

I walked a warm, humid, north marsh this evening. My exposed skin was protected with Jungle Formula, which is essential at this time of year on Wilden Marsh. However, mosquitoes bit my elbows through my shirt sleeves. I will spray the elbows of my shirt sleeves with insect repellent to prevent the elbow biting problem in future. At home later, large, itching, bite blisters were incredibly uncomfortable. I remembered a recent blog comment suggesting that a hot spoon placed on a mosquito bite will destroy the proteins responsible for swelling and itching. I tried this solution and it works! I heated a metal table spoon in a mug of boiling water each time I applied it to a bite. There were eight mosquito bites altogether and I applied the hot spoon to each in this way, two to three times just to make sure I gave the treatment a good chance of succeeding. The itching stopped immediately and there is no evidence of mosquito bites on my elbows this morning. Thanks to the thoughtful person who posted the bite solution comment.

North Pasture 16

Colourful North Pasture

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  1. Thanks for sharing that piece of info. Mike. I’ve still got the scars from scratching the bad mosquito (and spider) bites from last summer. The mozzies love my fair skin 🙂

  2. What a great tip. I find if you can take the itch out of the bite before you start scratching it goes away much faster and doesn’t swell as much.

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