Waynetta Galloway With Water Buffalo Inclinations

The two new calves had their ears tagged on Tuesday; one of them hid from me for a couple of days, I found it sleeping in dense thistles yesterday. The other calf wasn’t too happy about having its ears pierced either; it darted away terrified whenever it saw me afterwards. Both calves found the ear tagging process a bit traumatic. This evening, though, both have settled down and are back on form.

The Galloways will go absolutely anywhere and do anything to get food. I shot this video with my iPhone this evening. Waynetta is in the road water run-off pond eating the bull rushes that are supposed to be cleaning the pond water.

Time to move the herd back over Hoo Brook now. When I tried moving the herd across to Falling Sands Nature Area a couple of weeks ago, they wouldn’t leave Hoo Brook Pasture. Even a full bucket of cattle nuts failed to tempt them over the brook bridge. I had to call the Rangers to give me a hand in the end; it took four of us to get them moving in the right direction. The herd is running out of grazing now so, hopefully, they will feel like rushing across the bridge to get at the new grass in Hoo Brook Pasture.

4 Comments on “Waynetta Galloway With Water Buffalo Inclinations

    • Thank you, Anne. If the herd is hungry enough, the move should go well. The actual journey should take no more than five minutes, but it has taken over hour to accomplish when the cattle don’t want to move. The Galloway’s in particular can be very stubborn.

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