Female Broad-bodied Chaser

The flight period of the broad-bodied chaser is from April to September, but are mostly seen in May and June. Their flight is very fast as they dart and dive above the water. They are very territorial and will fight with rival males and any other dragonflies they happen to encounter.

They characteristically return to a favoured perch, in the sun. When a female enters a male’s territory the male will fly up and grab the female. Mating occurs on the wing and the pair are in tandem for only a brief period, often less than a minute. The pair separate and the female will find a suitable location for ovipositing, usually a stretch of open water with submerged vegetation. The female oviposits in flight, hovering above the water and dipping the tip of her abdomen in.

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Female broad-bodied chaser

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  1. I have yet to see any of these around here. I adore these dragonflies, especially the female. Great shot, Michael!

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