Love Your Pollinators

Our wild insect pollinators continue to decline because there is not enough suitable habitat. Britain has lost 97% of its flower-rich grassland since the 1940s. Only a tiny fraction of this has been recreated in farmland. We need to put wild flowers back into the countryside and make sure nectar plants are plentiful in our towns and cities.

Insects pollinate our crops and help provide one third our food. Without them we wouldn’t have chocolate, vegetables, nuts, seeds, or fruit such as strawberries, apples and grapes. Would a life without chocolate be worth living?

pollinator 16

A pollinator


7 Comments on “Love Your Pollinators

    • For every action we should consider reaction, Tom. The problem might be that a considered positive action might trigger many unseen negative reactions that will come back and severely bite us one day.


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