Where has the River Rubbish gone?

I walked the length of Wilden Marsh Site of Special Scientific Interest recently and was amazed to see that most of the ubiquitous water borne rubbish had disappeared from the River Stour and its banks. A flash flood must have flushed the unsightly plastic bottle based debris into the River Severn and then out to sea. I don’t remember seeing the River Stour in such a pristine and rubbish free state since I have been involved with Wilden Marsh. Whilst I am elated at a now visually pleasing river, I’m extremely sad that so much West Midlands discarded plastic has been washed through Wilden Marsh to further pollute our seas and oceans.

River Stour 2

View downstream of the River Stour

River Stour

View upstream of the River Stour

6 Comments on “Where has the River Rubbish gone?

  1. I have mixed feelings too. Its great to see the reserve looking so natural, but I do worry about the rubbish. Most of the rubbish is domestic and can only come from people that live and work upstream of Wilden, The River Stour is a long River winding through many communities. I hope that continued publicity will help make people think twice about throwing rubbish away, and better still I hope more and more people do more to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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    • I doubt it will make much difference to those responsible for dumping waste in the river, but you never know. Publicity can make a difference. It might lead to good people reporting offenders.


  2. I’m constantly shocked at the amount of rubbish, especially plastic, that finds it’s way into rivers and the ocean, but until manufacturers sell all food and drinks in recyclable containers AND householders put them in the special yellow recycle bins next to their green lidded rubbish bins after use, the pollution will continue.


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