Wilden Marsh Sunday Workday

April’s Wilden Marsh Sunday workday took place yesterday. Fortunately, rain stayed away, but the weather was overcast and cold enough for hoodies and gloves – mine stayed on all day.

We worked the North Riverside Pasture, reducing willow and bramble scrub.

29042018 SUNDAY WORKDAY 16

Cropping willow scrub and bramble in North Riverside Pasture

29042018 SUNDAY WORKDAY 2 (2) 16

Clearing bramble from around the gate connecting North Riverside Pasture and Swamp

I’ve restricted the marsh cattle’s grazing to Hoo Brook and North Riverside pastures, the Swamp, and Northern Corridor to minimise damage to southern marsh orchids growing in North Pasture. The herd didn’t visit the work party, which is surprising as the cattle are very inquisitive. After the Wilden Marsh volunteers left site, I set off in search of the cattle and found them taking things easy in the Northern Corridor.

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