What are the Future Prospects for Hoo Brook Pasture?

This is Hoo Brook Pasture at the northern border of Wilden Marsh; the newest of our reinstated pastures. It’s going to take a few years to bring this willow and alder scrub infested area up to standard – it was a wood three years ago. We might spend time here on Sunday, depending on how we get on in Riverside Pasture.

This pasture is too dry and might be considered in decline if we are unable to get the water levels up. Hoo Brook, flowing the other side of the left hand stock fence, is too low most of the year and we need to take steps to increase the brook water level as soon as possible. I remember the ground being far wetter here five years ago.

Immediately to the right of the strip of standing water is a 3 metre high bank and the Lagoon Field with the threat of a new housing estate being built on it in a few years time, if planning permission is granted. A new housing estate at the top of this bank will certainly not help the prospects for this Site of Special Scientific interest.

Hoo Brook Pasture 16

Hoo Brook Pasture

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One Response to What are the Future Prospects for Hoo Brook Pasture?

  1. Anne says:

    I find this very interesting. Housing developments are the worst! I often wish less arable or useful land would be filled up first before developers eye the attractive – only to cover it all up anyway!

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