Wilden Marsh Heronry on 16th April 2018

For weeks now I’ve struggled to come up with a definite number of breeding heron pairs’ nests at the heronry. I’ve looked at the heronry from all possible directions along the eastern bank of the River Stour, and from high up on Hoo Wood ridge, and I have tried photographing the individual nests. The final figure I’ve settled on is twenty occupied nests. The trees are greening up to the point where I don’t think I will better this number.

Some of the heron chicks are large and obvious, whilst others are less developed and crouched down in their nests.Wilden Marsh Heronry


9 Comments on “Wilden Marsh Heronry on 16th April 2018

  1. I’m curious, is it common for nests to be as close as they seem to be in that cluster in the middle. I would have thought they would all be more spread out like those on the left and right.

    • The positions marked by the red dots are very approximate, but the herons are extremely close to each other, as can be seen in my videos prior to this post.

    • I have seen photos of heronries (right plural?) where the birds are almost on each other’s shoulders!!

  2. Wonderful to have 20 nests, Michael. I have been a nest counter and it is not easy, so I applaud you.

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