Filming Herons on Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve

The heron chicks are growing fast. The heronry is greening up very quickly, too, and soon I won’t be able to see them at all apart from high up on Hoo Wood ridge. I’m filming the herons from a distance of 150 metres today. I can get closer, but it’s difficult to get a clear view and it’s very wet and boggy around the heronry. They herons also fly away when I get too close. So I try to do the best I can from the riverbank. My videos are good enough for my record purposes.

I spent around four hours filming this morning in overcast conditions. There was a great deal of nature sounds and birds calling, but I didn’t push my shotgun microphone plug firmly enough into the camera socket – so I returned home with silent video clips.

The first image on this video shows a view from my hide. The heronry is in the background treeline, and extends well beyond to the right and left. I am focusing on the largest tree in the centre of the image; it’s possible to just about make out the herons I am photographing.

8 Comments on “Filming Herons on Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve

  1. Great video, Michael! I love to watch the chicks starting to flap their wings and do the big wiggle. Is that four chicks, or three plus an adult in the back? I just did a post about a nest here with four. I have limited confidence that the adults will bring enough food for all four as they get bigger.


    • Four chicks on their own in the top nest. I don’t how many chicks are in the lower nest with the adults. There were between 18 and 20 nests in the heronry on my last count from Hoo Wood ridge..

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