Heron Chicks

My day didn’t start well. I managed to drive off the Lagoon Field hard access track into the mire, ending up to the axles in gloopy mud. My son was kind enough to give up some of his free time to tow me out!

As I would be 140 metres from my target heron family nest, I wanted to be in place early before heat haze became a problem; so, I was late and heat haze did become a problem. The heronry trees will soon leaf-up and I won’t be able to see the herons.

I set up my comfy chair hide and settled down to wait for a heron to arrive at the nest and drop a big fish down the open beak of a chick, but that didn’t happen. A couple of human teenagers appeared in front of my hide and started throwing large logs in the river. They soon moved on when I shouted, “Get orf my land!”

This video clip is not yet processed, straight out of the camera, and is better watched in HD.

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