A Snipe Fell Out of the Sky Today

Walking through the Rhombus Field today a snipe fell out of the sky and plummeted in to the ground right in front of me, its long beak embedded in the snow. I warmed the wader inside my jacket until it began to struggle, opened my jacket and it zoomed away across the River Stour.

I’ve had encounters with snipe two days in a row.

Rhombus Field Snipe

A snipe fell from the sky and plummeted into the snow.

15 Comments on “A Snipe Fell Out of the Sky Today

    • It must have seen me coming. The Siberian weather might have caused a very cold layer of air to float down the Stour Valley. I had a good look around for aerial predators, but didn’t see any.

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  1. Good to hear you were able to rescue and revive it. I daresay that Siberian cold front might have upset a few of the early Spring flora and fauna in the area.

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    • Yes, I doubt the snipe’s condition would have improved much by lying in the snow, but I suppose the outcome would depend on what brought it to the ground in the first place.


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