7 Comments on “Feaky

  1. Reminds me of a poem by E. E. Cummings:

    now two old ladies sit peacefully knitting,
    and their names are sometimes and always

    “i can’t understand what life could have seen in him” stitch
    – counting always severely remarks; and her sister (supress-
    ing a yawn)counters “o i don’t know; death’s rather attractive”
    — “attractive!why how can you say such a thing?when i think
    of my poor dear husband” – “now don’t be absurd:what i said was
    ‘rather attractive’,my dear;and you know very well that
    never was very much more than attractive,never was

    stunning”(a crash. Both jump) “good
    heavens!” always exclaims “what
    was that?” — “well here comes your daughter”
    soothes sometimes;at which

    death’s pretty young wife enters;wringing her hands,and wailing
    “that terrible child!”— “what”(sometimes and always together
    cry) “now?”— “my doll:my beautiful doll;the very
    first doll you gave me mother(when i could scarcely
    walk)with the eyes that opened and shut(you remember:
    don’t you,auntie;we called her love)and i’ve treasured
    her all these years,and today i went through a closet
    looking for something;and opened up a box,and there she
    lay:and when he saw her,he begged me to let him
    hold her;just once:and i told him ‘mankind,be careful;
    she’s terribly fragile:don’t break her,or mother’ll be angry’ “

    and then(except for
    the clicking of needles)there was silence


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