Buttercup has a New Calf

I found Buttercup with a new calf in North Pasture this morning. I think it was born 6/7th February. It’s name will be Nia, if it’s a girl, or Andrew.

I’m awaiting the arrival of a belted Galloway calf, and I’m wondering what to call it. I’m not keen on Frogmella, Canoe, or Spudulika.

13 Comments on “Buttercup has a New Calf

  1. There is nothing like the perfect white on a newborn calf. Looking at this cutie I see the promise of spring.
    Glad you ruled out those names for the next arrival.

  2. Moffat, Maybole and Girvan and lovely place names of Galloway , you could name your new Beltie after one of these.

    • Apart from the belties I name the Shetland cattle after my wife’s side of the family, which is why I am able to remember their names. It has gotten so bad now that if a family member doesn’t have a cow named after them, they think I don’t like them. There is a waiting list, too.

  3. Awwww. Being dropped from that warm belly to the cold ground must have been a shock to the system! Personally I think Frogmella would be a good name.

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