Muntjac Deer Buck

On my way back through the marsh this morning, after checking my camera traps around the heronry, this bold muntjac buck slid under the Lagoon Field gate, looked me straight in the eyes, sauntered across the North Corral and down the bank into the Swamp as if he didn’t have a care in the world. I’m used to the marsh muntjacs speeding away as fast as their little legs will carry them when they see me. It’s probably the same deer I photographed last week when raking-out at the GCN Pond.


Muntjac deer buck


Muntjac in the Swamp

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12 Responses to Muntjac Deer Buck

  1. Stephanie Ingram says:

    How many muntjac deer do you think there may be in this area?

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  2. Anne says:

    Surely their presence is bad news for the plants in the area?

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  3. Mike Griffiths says:

    It varies, Stephanie. I was out on the marsh last night and counted 16 pairs of muntjac eyes; other times it might be half a dozen or less. I have seen a herd of 18 muntjac in Hoo Wood at night.


  4. Stephanie Ingram says:

    Thanks Mike, I have come across one or two on Wilden Lane, crossing the road which always seems very hazardous for them.

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