Daily Archives: February 6, 2018

Muntjac Deer Buck

On my way back through the marsh this morning, after checking my camera traps around the heronry, this bold muntjac buck slid under the Lagoon Field gate, looked me straight in the eyes, sauntered across the North Corral and down … Continue reading

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Heralds of Spring

Spring starts during the latter half of next month! Yahoo! For me, the heralds of spring are the Lagoon Field common toads. Thousands of toads begin their journey from Wilden Lane Lagoon Field around 9th March every year; they walk … Continue reading

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Adaptable Mallards

Mallards are very good at using their environment as camouflage: here a couple rest amongst horrible assorted debris and floating plastic rubbish in the river slack water. Maybe the ducks feel they are less likely to be attacked by the … Continue reading

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