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The 450 metre long Central Drainage Ditch conducts overflow through the South Riverside Pasture to the River Stour; it drains the Flooded Wood Pasture, the Middle Wood, the Rhombus Field, the Orchid Field, and the Riverside Pasture into the River Stour. The ditch is clogged with silt and vegetation and, although still working, I’m wondering if I can make it more wildlife friendly. One option is to use an excavator at the… Read More

Following my recent ‘Kill They Oounts’ post, and in answer to questions regarding Ted’s fox catching prowess: Ted trapped foxes and many other animals, but I think he believed a live fox to be of greater value than a dead one. Ted made a living exploiting his countryside skills. However, to survive he found it necessary to seed and cultivate his local hunting grounds. Ted asked me to give him a hand… Read More

Five years ago I noticed a larger that average mallard living on Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve. It’s not easy to tell one mallard from another, I know, but there are times when one individual stands head and shoulders above the rest. Mal, a loner, is now missing; I’ve not seen him for six weeks or more. I was able to identify Mal because he was steadfast: the big mallard that didn’t fly… Read More

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