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IMG_8132 16 GCN Pond

IMG_8123 16 Debris pile

Too much rotting organic matter, such as leaves and other dead vegetation, resting on the pond bottom reduces water oxygen levels and is detrimental to pond wildlife. However, some dead organic matter is useful as a substrate for plants and invertebrates. The best time to rake out a pond is autumn, before wildlife and minibeasts go into hibernation and after plants have finished flowering. Dredging’s are best left on the edge of the pond for a few days to allow minibeasts to escape back into the pond. Encroaching vegetation can become a problem, but it can be pulled out or divided; this should be done in autumn.

Making sure there are sufficient logs, stones and rough vegetation at the pond edge, is also important, especially during winter when these will be used as hibernation sites by frogs, newts and others.

I’ve raked out approximately half the…

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