Pool 2 of Wilden Marsh Central Drainage Ditch

Well I’ve cleared a 20 metre long by 2-3 metre wide section of the Central Drainage Ditch to a depth of 600mm, with sloping sides, which will serve as Pool 2. What I like about this open ditch section is its lack of sharp and straight bank edges, and the natural appearance.

My aim is to split the 450 metre long Central Drainage Ditch into manageable sections for ease of manual maintenance, and to make it more wildlife friendly. I will try to introduce a meandering water flow between the pools. It would be good if a couple or three large logs were placed a metre from the right-hand water edge, running parallel to the ditch. At the moment, the speed of water flow is around four metres per minute.

A heron was perched on the sluice board when I arrived here today. I wonder if it was just hopeful, or whether it knew that something tasty was likely to swim by its beak?

IMG_8293 16
Central Drainage Ditch – Pool 2


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