Plastic Rubbish And Rubbish Rafts Along The Middle And North Sections Of Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve

Leaving Linda and Mike Averill collecting and bagging plastic bottles on the South Riverside Pasture yesterday afternoon, I went off to inspect the River Stour flowing through the middle and north marshes.

The high levels of fast flowing water has scoured the marsh section of the River Stour cleaner than I can remember seeing it in a long while, particularly through north and mid marshes.

It seems that Nature has taken things into her own hands again and flushed most the various kinds of polluting rubbish resting in the River Stour into the River Severn, to become someone else’s problem. It never just someone else’s problem! We all have to pay the price one way or another. Those that throw rubbish into our waterways must think otherwise; it’s likely such people don’t think at all.

Linda and Mike Averill collecting and bagging plastic rubbish from the south marsh riverbank.

A fridge hung-up in a tree on the east bank of the River Stour at North Pond.

A fridge-freezer has been hung-up in the trees growing on the riverbank here, but it was carried by the River Stour to the River Severn. I guess it’s on its way to South America now. The space the fridge-freezer left in the River Stour has now been filled with a fridge. Amazing!

The ‘S’ bend in the River Stour at North Pond.

The ‘S’ bend in the river at North Pond was completely blocked by the largest of the marsh rubbish rafts, and it has been there for a few years. The flood completely scrubbed the river here clean, and an inflatable has been thoughtfully left for my exclusive use.

Flooding in the North Riverside Pasture.

The North Riverside pasture is covered with pooled water, so I guess the recent flood can be designated a ‘great flood’ after all.

A scrubbed River Stour downstream of Falling Sands Lock.

There was a rubbish raft here too, but the river banks have been scrubbed clean.

The confluence of Hoo Brook and River Stour. Most of the mud, logs and general mess, has been carried away to the River Severn by the flood waters.

The Great Crested Newt pond will be raked out in January to help reduce its high nutrient level.

There’s plenty of accumulated water for the cattle to drink in Hoo Brook Pasture, when they return from their holidays at the end of January 2018.

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  1. Nothing worse than sitting by the river and watching the detritus people can’t be bothered to take home floating past!!

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