A Square Metre Of The North Pasture

The river level was rising too quickly, so I moved OtterCam to watch over a randomly chosen square metre of North Pasture for forty-eight hours.

If things micey appeal to you – I can’t imagine there being too many people out there in blogland prepared to watch eleven minutes of fast moving mouse action – then this is the video for you:

4 Comments on “A Square Metre Of The North Pasture

  1. I likes mice. To be fair you did also have a pheasant and a black bird. You seem to have a snowy theme on your blog and at one point it looked as though hordes of one eyed mice were invading! 🙂

    • It’s an abundance of mice, pigeons, and moles that keep the marsh predators alive and kicking during winter. Yes, there is a button to activate festive blog snow.

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