One Day And One Square Metre Of River Bank

One day, one random square metre of riverbank, and one camera trap.

6 Comments on “One Day And One Square Metre Of River Bank

  1. Always a joy to visit the Wilden Marsh, Mike. I watched the first part, with the thrush (?) and the mouse. I always like watching what the camera traps pick up, great fun, thank you.

    • Thanks Jet. Did you spot the sleeping pheasant? One minute it was dozing, and the next it had gone. I hope the very ferocious mink wasn’t responsible.

  2. Neat idea! I enjoyed seeing the different visitors. I was wondering who the big fella was… it made me think of an owl crossed with a duck. A pheasant! 🙂

    • Thanks. It looks like a female pheasant to me, but it might be a duck.

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