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Plastic Rubbish And Rubbish Rafts Along The Middle And North Sections Of Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve

Leaving Linda and Mike Averill collecting and bagging plastic bottles on the South Riverside Pasture yesterday afternoon, I went off to inspect the River Stour flowing through the middle and north marshes. The high levels of fast flowing water has … Continue reading

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The River Stour Big Flood Of 27th December 2017

The River Stour was in big flood yesterday, as opposed to being in great flood. In a big flood, River Stour waters trickle over its bank onto the marsh. In a great flood, the waters gush over the riverbanks and … Continue reading

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Kill They Oounts!

A recent Worcestershire Wildlife Trust tweet about the origin of the word ‘heunt’, an old Worcestershire name for mole, pronounced ‘oounts’ or ‘unts’ in Monmouthshire, triggered a memory from my distant past. Way back in the late 1960s, I sat … Continue reading

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Are You At Home?

Red, the north marsh dog fox, calls on the badgers to ask for their help with the Wilden Marsh Christmas preparations. Mr and Mrs Badger appear not to be at home. Red notices fresh badger poo in the latrine outside … Continue reading

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Once upon A Time

Once upon a time, on dark and misty evening a few days before Christmas, Wilden Marsh deer and foxes begin their preparations.  

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A Square Metre Of The North Pasture

The river level was rising too quickly, so I moved OtterCam to watch over a randomly chosen square metre of North Pasture for forty-eight hours. If things micey appeal to you – I can’t imagine there being too many people … Continue reading

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One Day And One Square Metre Of River Bank

One day, one random square metre of riverbank, and one camera trap.

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