Watching Otters

I was down on the marsh this morning, otter watching. The River Stour is low, flat calm, and fairly clear. Six otters swam in circles, underwater. I think there is a holt in the riverbank, because the otters were disappearing under the bank vegetation and not coming up for air. Now and again one would surface, but there was no indication of when or where, and their time on the surface was minimal. Nice to see them, though.


Otter surfacing


Otter diving

IMG_1952 (2) 16

Otter swimming


6 Comments on “Watching Otters

  1. Wow, seeing six at once! I have only ever seen two together:-)

    • I suppose it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time, Tom. I will put this otter episode in my bag of mysteries, which is already quite full.

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