Lagoon Field

Around a third of the Lagoon Field has been flailed by the owners. It looks nice, better than last year, but too many trees have been removed for my liking: all the trees at the north end have been felled and chipped.

IMG_7413 (2) 16

Flailed ground at the north end of the Lagoon Field


5 Comments on “Lagoon Field

  1. I’m not a fan of tree-cleared land like this – too much intrusion on natural habitat for flora and fauna for my liking, Mike.

  2. Michael,
    This must be difficult to view each day. I hope the clearing is not for development… then nature will find her own way and pace of return.

    • This part of the lagoon field is cleared regularly: last year in fact. At the end of next growing season the vegetation will have grown taller than me in places again. I think an area corresponding to that they expect to build houses is being cleared. .

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