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The marsh herd of fifteen cattle (cows, bullocks and a bull) are grazing the south entrance section and Hillary Road field. They have only been in these compartments for six days and are already pressurising me to let them into the South Riverside Pasture. I think I have been too generous with them recently. When I walk anywhere near, they bellow, moo and nag me to open the gate. Rose, the black… Read More

Last year we had Billy Bull service the Widen Marsh cows: a strong feisty character and afraid of nothing. The first time I set eyes on Billy Bull he was charging, head down, like a steam train to challenge me and assert his dominance. A sharp slap across his nose stopped him dead in his tracks and prevented our first meeting from moving in a direction I had no wish for it… Read More

She is there in the darkness. She is always there. You might not be able to see her, but she is most definitely there: waiting behind your bedpost, perhaps.


Blossom’s new calf has survived the water ditches, bogs, and other calf swallowing traps of the Rhombus Field without apparent distress or harm, which is just as well because there is much more bog hopping for it to do. I moved the herd from the Rhombus Field to the Flooded Wood Pasture this evening, to graze out the Himalayan balsam in there.  

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