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I’ve just read consultation documents and the local planning review relating to the proposed development of the former Lagoon Field (Settling Ponds) alongside Wilden Lane and Wilden Marsh. It’s proposed that the site be developed for either a) industrial or b) residential use, depleting existing resources and adding further pressure to the current and future success of Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve and Site of Special Scientific Interest. Here is the planning review and a pdf of the relevant… Read More

It was a pleasantly warm, sunny and still evening down in Falling Sands Nature Area yesterday. I talked to fishermen on the river, asking what they had caught, what they had seen, and what they thought would improve fishing on the river. They commented on the pleasantness of the evening and were eager to talk. It was nice for me, too, as I rarely see people when roaming Wilden Marsh, but people… Read More


I moved the herd from the south to north marsh on 1st July (last Saturday), and it went like clockwork. Today the plan was to move it the short distance into the new Falling Sands Nature Area to give it a second grazing, and the process was a nightmare. Trying to move the cattle from the swamp, their most favourite place on the marsh, during their midday rest period was not one of my better ideas. It quickly became apparent that they didn’t appreciate… Read More

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