Blossom Has A New Calf

Blossom separated from the herd on Wednesday, so I knew she was about to give birth or her calf had already arrived. I searched the area that evening and found nothing. I searched yesterday and this morning, but again found nothing. On other occasions, cows have taken me to see their newborns. Blossom didn’t show the interest I was expecting, but I felt sure the calf had arrived.

This morning Blossom was within a few metres of the spot I had seen her grazing on Wednesday and last night, again she took little interest as I passed and wasn’t giving any indication of where her calf was hiding. I looked back a few times as I walked down the corridor, but her eyes didn’t follow me.

A couple surveying the Lagoon Field almost stepped on Blossom’s calf ten minutes earlier, tucked away in the grass close to the stock fence. They told me the calf didn’t look so good and that mum seemed disinterested. So off I trudged again in search of the elusive little critter. This time I found the calf, and it was a beauty: big round eyes looking up at me and alert. I reached for my phone to take a photo and it jumped up and ran off through the long grass faster than a startled muntjac deer. So its name will probably be Zola or Usain!



Blossom this morning


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7 Responses to Blossom Has A New Calf

  1. So wonderful!! Congratulations to Ms. Blossom and family

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