Proposed Development of the Lagoon Field alongside Wilden Marsh


I’ve just read consultation documents and the local planning review relating to the proposed development of the former Lagoon Field (Settling Ponds) alongside Wilden Lane and Wilden Marsh. It’s proposed that the site be developed for either a) industrial or b) residential use, depleting existing resources and adding further pressure to the current and future success of Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve and Site of Special Scientific Interest. Here is the planning review and a pdf of the relevant section:


Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment for Kidderminster: Here


You can comment on WFDC’s proposal here: , or email your objections and comments here:

Download WFDC’s Response Forms : Here  (Click on the “How Can I Comment Section”.


If you are local and interested in how the proposed development affects you or Wilden Marsh, you might want to make your voices heard. Comments are taken seriously, so it may be worth you as individuals officially lodging your comments and views with the local planning authority. This can be done online or by letter.

I am personally against any development of the former Lagoon Field on the basis of the land being an important and valuable local urban wildlife asset, and home to many toads, frogs and polecats, and protected species such as otter and great crested newt. Thousands of common toads walk through the Lagoon Field each year to mate in North Pond. Also, the Lagoon Field borders an improving SSSI, is a buffer between protected ground and a main road and other developments, is essentially a floodplain, and a valuable urban nature oasis.

The north end development would cut off part of the SSSI, making it very poor.

Generally there would be an increase in light and noise pollution, and disturbance from cats, dogs, and people. I am certain that both the vibrancy and vitality of Wilden Marsh will be greatly negatively affected if such a development goes ahead.

The Wilden Lane traffic would be horrendous – it is already horrendous.

If you need further information or help, please contact me.

This post reflects my personal view.

WWT will object to development of the Lagoon Field.



21 Comments on “Proposed Development of the Lagoon Field alongside Wilden Marsh

  1. Sad, but unfortunately, inevitable. People will slowly replace all land and all wildlife. We are like a plague that multiplies with no end in site,


  2. Hi Mike, The Trust need to try to oppose this development and to get the settlement ponds included in the Wilden Marsh Reserve as an extension to the active wildlife corridor. Difficult in present circumstances I appreciate when all that Councils can think of is meeting Government targets for housing needs, however inflated and fanciful they may be. Glyn

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    • Hi Glyn,

      Thanks for your comment.

      The Trust will oppose any development of the Lagoon Field.

      I agree that it would be wonderful if the Lagoon Field was to be included in the Wilden Marsh Reserve. It would be nice if the owners gifted the area to WWT, but I think this is unlikely to happen. The various parties interested in the Lagoon Field have different agendas, and we need to persuade them that the Marsh will be a very different and poorer place without it. However, Big Business does not possess a social conscience.

      Social media offers the chance for everyone to present there views, and this gives people power. Donald Trump understands this, which is why he is such a fan of Twitter.


  3. Sounds like a complete and utter nightmare, traffic wise. Wilden lane is already at a standstill most days, both ends !!! I’m even more saddened, if not sickened, by the thought of more of our wildlife having to pay the price!!! Surely ALL the “brown belt” land should be utilised first !!!

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    • Hi Gary,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Getting out of the Lagoon Field in my car between 3.30 and 6.00pm can be a bit of a challenge.

      I think the problem might be that the north end of the Lagoon Field is classified as industrial wasteland; I am 100% sure that fauna and flora living and growing there are totally unaware of this.

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  4. As a nearby resident (and volunteer) I have fulminated against the possibility of such a development being considered several times already.. Consequently I have approached both our MP and our representative on the local and county council and made a case strongly against any such ridiculous scheme. The wild life, the previous pools and all that implies, and the already chaotic traffic situation- which I have also tackled- are arguments strong enough to deter all but the corporate greedy and the dissembling political representatives. I can report that both these people strongly denied any possibility of development. Now we know what we get when we vote.
    It is imperative that all those affected should create hell on earth to all and sundry. Defeatist comments like those from Sherry are completely out of court and not helpful..

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  7. I have emailed opposing any development on Wilden lane, this would be devastating for the residents and wildlife. The settling ponds are important to protect the nature reserve it leads to and Wilden needs to be protected like other villages in the Wyre Forrest not ruined with industry and pop up houses.
    I am also greatly concerned by the land potentially allocated at Wilden top for a Traveller site. this would cause an enormous amount problems for residents and the school. Wilden top should be regenerated and bought into the village community, there could be ideas for a recreational centre, decent village park, sports field and potential for more detached upmarket housing rather than making a less desirable place to live the village needs to be valued and protected – like other villages.

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    • Thanks for sharing your views and concerns regarding the proposed development of the Lagoon Field and its surrounding green areas. It is important that we make out feelings known to politicians, officials, and planners responsible for making judgements and decisions on our behalf that will likely affect our lives and those of future generations. The biggest crime is sitting back and doing nothing.


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