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A few photos of Blossom’s new calf, sent to me by Ranger Adam Wright this afternoon.

Hartlebury Common, a Site of Special interest, is located at the southern end of Wilden Lane.

The herd was in North Pond Pasture. I walked along the Northern Corridor. Rose spotted me and started that shrieking bellow for hers. Flanked by Tyson and Rocky, Blossom and her calf came out to meet me.  

Blossom separated from the herd on Wednesday, so I knew she was about to give birth or her calf had already arrived. I searched the area that evening and found nothing. I searched yesterday and this morning, but again found nothing. On other occasions, cows have taken me to see their newborns. Blossom didn’t show the interest I was expecting, but I felt sure the calf had arrived. This morning Blossom was within a few metres of the… Read More

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