This is Tyson. I reckon I know what’s likely to be going through his mind here: he’s awaiting his chance to catch me off guard. If I don’t make sure he knows I have my eye on him, he sneaks up and nudges me from behind; fortunately, he hasn’t nudged me with the pointy part of his horn, like I’ve watched him do to his herd-mates. If he doesn’t nudge, he creeps up behind me and snorts loudly.


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10 Responses to Tyson

  1. Jet Eliot says:

    Yikes, I think a nudge from Tyson would be unsettling, horns or not. Not your friendliest neighbor, Mike~~

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  2. gardenqueen says:

    What is he trying to accomplish? Attention? Territorialism?

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    • I think Tyson feels I’m diverting Waynatta’s attention from him. He very definitely has strong feelings for the ladies. Yesterday, whilst Blossom was grooming him, licking flies from inside his ears and neck, he collapsed to his knees in a state of ecstasy – even his neck turned to jelly.

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  3. ramblingratz says:

    A chip off the old Billy block?

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