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Daily Archives: May 15, 2017

Germander speedwell (Veronica chamaedrys) is a common, hardy turf weed that invades turf and lawns. It creeps along the ground, spreading by sending down roots at the stem nodes. It is propagated both by seed and stem fragments. Leaves may defoliate in the summer and winter but the stems will grow again next season.  

A common plant of hedgerows and woodlands, wood avens is also known as ‘herb Bennet’. Small, quickly drooping, yellow flowers appear on slender stems from May to August and are a good source of nectar. Wood avens is also a food-plant of the caterpillars of the grizzled skipper butterfly.  

There were too many toadpoles to count in North Pond today. The mud here has a grip of steel, and I managed to get myself stuck in it – a common occurrence for a seasoned marsh hopper like me. When the boot unexpectedly sinks further than expected, you can’t help but transfer most, if not all, weight to the back foot, which invariably sinks further in search of a firm base. It takes determination and a certain amount of technique… Read More

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