River Stour From The Tenant Farmer’s Field Corridor

Another favourite otter hotspot, this image was shot a little way upstream of the northern rock weir. To the left is the Island, and the Flooded Wood Pasture is to the right.

This is another place where otters can be seen late evenings and after dark. When a rubbish raft forms and blocks upstream progress, usually just around the bend in the distance, otters will leave the river, at a point close to where I am standing, to walk up the corridor and enter the river again beyond the raft.

I’ve seen otters playing in this pool after dark: floating on their back, throwing pebbles in the air and diving to collect them; also, playing corkscrew-tumbling and diving games. A night scope excellent for watching nighttime otter behaviour: they dive when I use a torch.


IMG_0636 16

River Stour upstream of the northern weir

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