The Meaning Of Life

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There are over 120,000 species of flies. Flies have been around as long as mankind and have been found in all seven continents. It has been documented that the fly transmits deadly diseases such as typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera, yaws, anthrax, leprosy and tuberculosis just to name a few. In many instances, flies are the indirect cause of low cattle weight and poultry death.

During a fly’s lifetime (usually a 30 day cycle), a female fly will lay anywhere from 400-600 eggs. Each fly egg hatches into a small, grub-like, creature (larvae), which looks more like an inchworm than a fly. By eating  nutrients from soil, ponds or even in the sea, larvae will grow to adult fly size within a few days.

  • Some Other Facts About Flies: Flies have over 4,000 facets for sight in each eye. Flies are attracted by movement more than colour. Flies have a smelling distance of over 750 yards. A fly’s feeding range is usually limited to two miles. A single garbage can, if not emptied, can be the breeding ground for 30,000 flies. During warm weather, a fly can produce a family generation in less than two weeks.

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    • Good advice if your plan is to minimise flies around your home, but they are everywhere and their numbers are increasing.

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