Trials And Tribulations At Falling Sands Lock (Video)

Yesterday, Bank Holiday Monday, I trotted down to the North Riverside Pasture laden with cameras, a sturdy tripod, binoculars, a chair hide, and a large shoulder bag filled with photography essentials. My plan was to practice being patient, something I have not been very good at as I’ve grown older. Also, I’ve glimpsed muntjac deer creeping about in daylight lately, so I would try to film them.

I set up my hide, tripod and camera, and settled down to a few easy hours of heavy rain, sunshine and dark overcast skies that had been forecast for the day. Since my hide is waterproof, the weather wasn’t going to be an issue for me.

My hide was set up against the large diameter double sewage pipes that run the length of this pasture with oak trees either side and behind. Right smack in the middle of my field of view was the Falling Sands Lock. On a May bank holiday the canal and lock are busy, and today was no exception; one boat after another used the lock. I was so involved with watching the shenanigans around the Falling Sands Lock that I forgot all about wildlife filming.

There were experienced people able to control their boats with super precision. Others with less experience knew how to use and navigate a lock. There were those with no idea whatsoever about how to get the lock gates open, and then there were the boozy teenagers….

It’s a good job the lock gates are built from sturdy materials by experienced craftspeople who know what they are doing.

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