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I was in the new nature area today with Wildlife Ranger Adam Wright; he spotted this damselfly nestling in a comfrey plant.

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Trials And Tribulations At Falling Sands Lock (Video)

Yesterday, Bank Holiday Monday, I trotted down to the North Riverside Pasture laden with cameras, a sturdy tripod, binoculars, a chair hide, and a large shoulder bag filled with photography essentials. My plan was to practice being patient, something I … Continue reading

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Orange Tip Butterfly

Anthocharis cardamines, the orange tip, is a butterfly in the family Pieridae. The common name derives from the bright orange tips of the male’s forewings. The males are a common sight in spring, flying along hedgerows and damp meadows in … Continue reading

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Fever Fly Headshot

The fever fly is related to the St Mark’s fly which also appears in spring and is similar in appearance in many ways but the fever fly is some what smaller being only about 10mm long. The fever fly is … Continue reading

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