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A couple of years back, a badger died in its Wilden Marsh sett. The official marsh undertaker, “The Brown Ratty Brotherhood,” was given the contract to clean-up the sett prior to re-letting. The Brown Ratty boys and girls moved quickly in and dealt with the carcass as instructed. The rats streamed in and out of the sett until the job was done, and in accordance with the terms and conditions of contract, the bare bones were spread about outside the sett entrance… Read More

There are a lot of dandelion in Hoo Wood at the moment.

This speckled wood butterfly was on an elder leaf immediately to the left of the Polietes lardarius in the previous image.


A very tiny Bibio marci or St. Mark’s fly from the family Bibionidae, on a bramble leaf. Their common name comes from the fact that the adults usually emerge around St Mark’s Day, 25 April. Like most bibionid larvae, they grow up in grassy areas and are herbivores and scavengers feeding on dead vegetation or living plant roots. Bibio marci larvae are known to be root damage pests of celery, asparagus, roses,… Read More

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