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Pentaglottis sempervirens, the green alkanet, evergreen bugloss or alkanet, is a bristly, perennial plant native to Western Europe. It grows to approximately 60 cm to 90 cm, usually in damp or shaded places and often close to buildings. It has brilliant blue flowers, and retains its green leaves through the winter. The plant has difficulty growing in acidic soil. The name “alkanet” is also used for dyer’s bugloss and common bugloss. Green… Read More

Like the kingfisher, the heron waits for a fish.  

Tulip giving her calf, Beth, a morning wash.

Melanostoma scalare, is a very common species of hoverfly. It is found in most of the Palearctic and in eastern parts of the Afrotropical realm south to Zimbabwe and throughout the Indomalayan realm to New Guinea. Little is known of its biology, However it is suspected to be general predator of small insects in leaf litter.

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