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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Mike Averill snapped these chinchbugs on Wilden Marsh. The species is common in most of mainland Europe and absent only from the far North. It occurs also in the Western North Africa and further East through Eastern Europe to Siberia and the Caucasus. It is widely found in Germany and in places is very numerous. In the South, it is less common than in the North. In Austria, it occurs only in the… Read More

For the past week, I’ve lived 190 miles from Wilden Marsh in a stone-built cottage on the very water’s edge of a picturesque and secluded tidal saltmarsh estuary pond, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, watching wading birds feed on the incoming tide. There are many wading birds using Wilden Marsh as a staging post, but I would like to attract more breeding pairs to nest here, so I am interested in… Read More

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