Time And Tide Wait For No Man Or Wader

For the past week, I’ve lived 190 miles from Wilden Marsh in a stone-built cottage on the very water’s edge of a picturesque and secluded tidal saltmarsh estuary pond, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, watching wading birds feed on the incoming tide. There are many wading birds using Wilden Marsh as a staging post, but I would like to attract more breeding pairs to nest here, so I am interested in anything likely to help my quest.

The estuary pond I investigated this week is in Landshipping: an out-of-the-way place. I didn’t have access to a land line, a mobile phone signal or Wi-Fi. No man-made light pollution spoilt my view of the nighttime sky, so it was extremely dark outside the cottage. Landshipping is located almost at the end of a road to nowhere, in South East Pembrokeshire. For those interested in what I have been up to, I have produced this video:

Aerial Image Of Landshipping Quay Pond

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2 Responses to Time And Tide Wait For No Man Or Wader

  1. tootlepedal says:

    I hope that you get more waders at Wilden Marsh.

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