Wilden Marsh Dead Badger’s Sett Is Re-let

A couple of years back, a badger died in its Wilden Marsh sett. The official marsh undertaker, “The Brown Ratty Brotherhood,” was given the contract to clean-up the sett prior to re-letting. The Brown Ratty boys and girls moved quickly in and dealt with the carcass as instructed. The rats streamed in and out of the sett until the job was done, and in accordance with the terms and conditions of contract, the bare bones were spread about outside the sett entrance for recycling. I took the skull, and the north marsh fox and badgers ate the rest.

I passed the the dead badger’s sett earlier in the week, and saw that it had been re-let. The new resident was in procees of moving in. Judging by the size of the spoil heap, it is being extended to provide family accomodation. I am just as nosey as the other marsh animals, so last night I placed BadgerCam1 looking down into the entrance.

There is no concept of privacy on the marsh. All new digging projects are rigorously inspected by the local animals and their findings quickly circulated.

This video shows what BadgerCam1 recorded last night and early this morning.

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