Forest Shield Bug

The forest bugs are polyphagous. Their main food source is any of several species of oaks, but it can also be found on alder, hazel and other deciduous trees, including apple and cherry.

It is a sap-feeder and uses piercing mouthparts to withdraw the liquid. Occasionally adults will consume insects, especially caterpillars, as well as fruits. Adults can be found from July to November. Females lay eggs during the summer in the cracks of tree bark, or on a leaf top and the larvae hatch the following spring.

The forest bug is also an agricultural and garden pest, as it will not hesitate to feed on fruit and nut trees.

IMG_9660IMG_9673 16

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2 Responses to Forest Shield Bug

  1. I’ve seen them going for lethargic grasshoppers in the fall season. It’s quite a weird thing to see… as the grasshopper justs sits there!

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    • I’ve not witnessed that behaviour, Tom. Most Shield Bug species are herbivorous, some are omnivorous, feeding on both plants and animals. They suck juices from shrubs, trees or other insects. The younger stages feed only on shoots or unripe seeds of a limited range of plants.


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