The View From My Hide


I’m not a great one for sitting in a hide, but today I am giving it a go. The reason I’m willing to spend the day on my backside is the north marsh kingfisher. I’ve watched this colourful little bird zip past, and on its various perches, often lately. So I’m waiting for the little feller to arrive. Only a pigeon has flown past in the last hour an a half.

It’s sunny but windy. I feel I have been here that long I can see the yellow flag iris fronds growing. I have resorted to writing this short blog to preserve my sanity. How some photographers and filmmakers manage to spend days and weeks waiting for something to happen is beyond me – perhaps I have yet to be bitten by that particular bug.

A muntjac deer is barking and the marsh cattle have just come into view, both are welcome distractions. Maybe the kingfisher has been and gone whilst I’ve been writing this post.

I can see the marsh cattle grazing around North Pond. If they get a whiff of me they will wander over and spoil my day, which I’m not sure would be a good or bad thing at the moment. I’ve been here two hours and am beginning to suffer from numb bum.

IMG_9593 16

I’ve been in the hide for three hours now. Another pigeon has flown by, and there is a narrowboat making its way through Falling Sands lock;  I can just about see it through the trees. The cattle are creeping ever closer, but not one kingfisher have I seen yet.

Well that’s it! I’ve been in here for over three hours and I have had enough. My hide is attracting bumble bees and wasps and they are distracting me. Time to move on!

IMG_9594 16

Paul Allen and Adam Wright.

Paul Allen and Adam Wright visited the north end of Wilden Marsh this morning. My hide was so good that they walked within a few feet without seeing me. When walking back, I waved my arm through the hide to attract their attention.


8 Comments on “The View From My Hide

  1. I’m sorry you don’t like sitting around. Your writing really helps me build a picture of where you are.

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  2. I hope that you succeed. We have a man in our region who has fixed up a hide where (for a substantial fee) he can pretty well guarantee a kingfisher view. If yours goes well perhaps you can monetise (as they say these days) it too.

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    • I don’t think I have the patience for hanging about too long in a hide, Tom. I can guarantee kingfishers at various perches on the marsh, I can’t guarantee that I will photograph them, though.

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  3. I have a lot of patience, but only if I’m actually looking at the bird or subject and keen to observe what it’s doing. I must admit I couldn’t stand or sit for hours waiting with no bird to look at (unless there’s an actual seat or park bench).

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