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The new Falling Sands Nature Area came into being very recently as a result of building the new Hoobrook Bypass and bridge over the River Stour and Worcester and Staffordshire Canal. The nature area is under the control of Wyre Forest District Council and, like Wilden Marsh, it’s part of the north/south wildlife corridor snaking its way through the county. The marsh cattle are to begin grazing the new Falling Sands Nature Area for… Read More

Viola riviniana, the common dog-violet, is a species of the genus Viola native to Eurasia and Africa. It is also called wood violet and dog violet. It is a perennial herb of woodland edges, grassland and shady hedge banks. It is found in all soils except acid or very wet. Viola riviniana was voted the county flower of Lincolnshire in 2002, following a poll by the wild plant conservation charity Plantlife.

This is a very variable species, both in size (wingspan 28–38 mm) and colour. The ground colour of the forewings varies from pale buff to dark or reddish brown with three narrow fascia. The area between the inner two fascia is sometimes much darker than the surrounding ground colour and is marked with stigmata, often quite indistinct. Melanic forms occasionally occur. The hindwings vary from pale cream to dingy brown. This moth flies… Read More


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