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Monthly Archives: March 2017


The herd was back in the North Pasture when I arrived this morning, apart from Kevin the teenager who was grazing the Swamp Field all on his ownsome. I checked North Pond for signs of the toad breeding invasion which is about to happen, but didn’t find any; the best time to check is in the evening: their eyes light up in the beam of my head torch.  It’s a bit early for… Read More

Waynetta made a real fuss today. She followed me all over the North Pasture bellowing and nudged me if she thought I was not taking notice of her. When my eyes disappeared behind the camera she would stride right up close and push me. I felt it likely she was trying to make me understand that she was fed up of being locked in the North Pasture and wanted access to new grass, so I opened the gate… Read More

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