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Monthly Archives: March 2017

I’ve moved BadgerCam away from the densett for a few weeks. All the animals visiting this den, muntjac deer, badgers, foxes and the calves, seem to be eating the dirt immediately outside the den entrance. I checked the soil yesterday and this morning and found nothing edible in it.

A nice goosander pair photographed on Wilden Marsh by Mike Averill the other day.

I look forward to the flowering currant blooms in Hoo Wood, they are one of the first bright colours of spring.

The herd resting in the Northern Corral when I passed through this morning. They don’t know it, but a food delivery is arriving today. The cattle were shouting at me yesterday, and I’ve come to understand the phrasing to mean, “Feed us!”  

I photographed these Glistening Inkcaps ( Coprinellus micaceus) on a rotting log in the North Riverside Pasture yesterday. They have dense fruitbody clusters, the caps are convex, thin-fleshed, striate of shallowly fluted, dusted with small, glistening scales or granules, ochre or buff to tan. The gills are whitish at first, becoming black, and turn to liquid when old. The stem is white and smooth, becoming grey-brown towards the base.  

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