Glistening Inkcaps Coprinellus micaceus

I photographed these Glistening Inkcaps ( Coprinellus micaceus) on a rotting log in the North Riverside Pasture yesterday. They have dense fruitbody clusters, the caps are convex, thin-fleshed, striate of shallowly fluted, dusted with small, glistening scales or granules, ochre or buff to tan. The gills are whitish at first, becoming black, and turn to liquid when old. The stem is white and smooth, becoming grey-brown towards the base.

IMG_9283 16

Glistening Inkcaps ( Coprinellus micaceus)

IMG_9286 16

Glistening Inkcaps ( Coprinellus micaceus)


4 Comments on “Glistening Inkcaps Coprinellus micaceus

  1. Amazing, wonderful photos! I marvel at the wonders in Nature. So many good photo objects. 😉
    We wish you a wonderful weekend!

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