Belted Galloway Brother And Sister: Wayne And Wynetta

The herd resting in the Northern Corral when I passed through this morning. They don’t know it, but a food delivery is arriving today. The cattle were shouting at me yesterday, and I’ve come to understand the phrasing to mean, “Feed us!”


Wayne and Waynetta (Belted Galloway cattle)


4 Comments on “Belted Galloway Brother And Sister: Wayne And Wynetta

  1. Wayne and Waynetta, please wait for me, I’d love to bring you some goodies! 🙂 ❤ ❤
    They look absolutely adorable, Michael. I'd go klicking mad with my camera. 🙂

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      • Your soul food is not likely to take their minds off eating the unpalatable rush and tough sharp grasses growing in the marsh swamp, will it? I don’t want the herd to lose its focus – they do have a serious job to do. We have roughy-roughy cattle, at least that’s what I tell them they are, so I don’t want them to feel they don’t have the best life ever already.


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