What the North Pond Toads Are Getting Up to When The Sun Goes Down

There were even more toads wandering about the marsh this evening, and certainly more enjoying themselves in North Pond.

I had a go at videoing the toad activity, but I think I need to do it again with a longer lens and a tripod.

Whilst filming at North Pond, a large splash like a log being thrown in the water gave me a start. At first I thought it was someone having fun with me, but it turned out to be a large otter trying its luck at toad hunting

10 Comments on “What the North Pond Toads Are Getting Up to When The Sun Goes Down

  1. I so enjoyed this look at the North Pond toads, Michael. We have chorus frogs in the neighborhood pond (no. Calif.) who are so crazy loud right now, and it lifts my spirit every March to hear them. But I have never gone down there at night (it’s not on our property), so it was great to see this. Fun video.

  2. It’s unexpected that they don’t (seem to) object to your filming them. One doesn’t see frogs often around here, but they are audible in the rice paddies at night, and they clam up when a person gets too close.

    • These are common toads, and they are too busy to pay any heed to me. Don’t forget I videoed them at night and they might think my head torch is the moon. 🙂

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